BREAKING: White House Lockdown Is Code 7 – Assassination

The Secret Service was forced to “crash” the White House and the West Wing, meaning anyone with codeword clearance was removed to the safety of the bunker nestled 12 stories below the ground. The Lock Down was a “Code 7,” which means the President’s detail had actionable intel about an assassination attempt.

If there is someone looking to harm our president today you can bet it will be one of the tree-hugging liberal “pacifists” who decry violence unless they’re using it themselves “for the common good.” The lock down will remain in effect until the chief intelligence officer gives the all-clear from the war room:

“When Obama was president. they crashed the mansion 4 or 5 times a week. The people were not fond of a man of his…charisma. The fact that this is Trump’s first lockdown shows how much respect the people have for him.”

President Trump reportedly went to the bunker early and had the doors closed before Jeff Sessions and Rex Tillerson could get to it, saving himself the headache of listening to two traitors trying to save their own behinds beg for their jobs.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.


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