BREAKING: Barack Obama Just Retweeted An ISIS Twitter Account


As much as the fake news media loves to point out every time Donald Trump retweets a supporter who has had an opinion that doesn’t involve spooning on the couch with Muslims while a man in a dress plays the piano in an elegant evening dress or whatever happens in liberals’ fantasies these days, they sure love to ignore when Barack Obama does something much much worse.

On Tuesday, Obama typed two simple words – “You’re right” – in response to a tweet from a now-suspended Twitter account, @falluja19. The original tweet said “Obama was much better than Trump.”

Fallujah19 is a confirmed ISIS Twitter account that was once hacked by Anonymous. The retweet was deleted within seconds.

The liberal media is completely silent about the former President retweeting ISIS, which once again proves their bias against conservatives.

Donald Trump can’t do a single thing without liberals screaming, so why does Obama get a pass?

This is an outrage! We need to demand that the media report things from both sides. It’s time for Congress to step in and force the media to tell the truth.


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