BREAKING: Antifa Gang Shows Up At White House To ‘Remove’ Trump, Forgets He’s In Asia


A group of 20 Antifa terrorists put their scarves over their faces, dressed in all black like a bunch of Emo try-hards, and “surrounded” (their word, not mine) the White House Sunday morning and found themselves disappointed when they realized that President Trump wasn’t there for their big moment when they would “remove” him from office.

“We are here to arrest President Donald J. Trump for treason. We ask that he come out of the White House immediately,” one masked man yelled into a bullhorn as his friends cheered.

Unfortunately for them, the President is on a diplomatic trip to Asia right now.

“Hey dumbass, Trump’s not even there,” one person yelled to the masked Antifa terrorist according to the DC Tribune.

A crowd gathered to laugh at the ineffective weirdos trying to arrest someone who is on a well-publicized trip overseas and eventually the Antifa gang walked away, accomplishing nothing.

People who oppose President Trump are so stupid that they make the trip (some of them reportedly came more than 100 miles) to “arrest” him without checking if he is even home. It’s no wonder the country rejected these idiots’ agenda.

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