BREAKING: Texas Gunman’s Manifesto Identified Trump As Next Target


As you have probably heard, gun owners across America were vindicated when the Texas shooter was taken down not by law enforcement but by a mild-mannered plumber who showed the world that gun owners can jump into a phone booth at any time and become Superman when danger calls.

Until recently it was unknown why Devin Patrick Kelly, a confirmed member of Antifa, began shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, but authorities have revealed that they found his 274 page manifesto underneath a floorboard in his bedroom.

“Blood shall rain down upon the earth and children shall weep as their parents fall before them,” Kelly wrote in his manifesto, which was initially leaked on 4-chan prior to its official release. “All who worship the ultimate slave master Jehovah shall burn in righteous fire.”

Kelly goes on to explain that Nazis were Christians and therefore “all of Jehovah’s followers march in goose-step behind the demon-God Trump.”

“All will be exterminated, the demon god being the last to fall,” he wrote.

Authorities uncovered multiple Antifa flags from Kelly’s rec room as well as a copy of the Communist Manifesto, which he had annotated himself.

Thank God for Steve the Plumber! He very may well have saved President Trump’s life!

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