BREAKING: Mueller Grand Juror Dies In Freak Accident

One of the grand jurors who helped hand down the latest round of charges against Tony Podesta, Dan Pelosi and several others close to prominent Democrats has been found dead at his home in Bretford, New Jersey. The medical examiner at the scene says it was nothing short of a “freak accident”:

“Willard Petersman was killed by electrocution while operating a standard household can opener. It makes no sense, but that is undisputably what happened.”

Petersman and the other grand jurors were expected back in court Friday morning for the final round of indictments. With him off the panel, an alternate will have to take his place. It’s been reported that several of the alternates are far more Clinton-friendly than those actually serving.

If that scenario plays out, The Democrats may come out without any further charges, offering up Tony Podesta and Dan Pelosi as scapegoats for the cause. Those connected with the Trump campaign, like that traitor Paul Manafort or the even bigger traitor Carter Page, will be all the public sees, leading to another round of “boohoo Trump and the Russians.”

The liberal propaganda machine is alive and well in this country. The Grand Jury has been given until Monday to reconvene.

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