BREAKING: 43 Illegals Arrested Trying To Vote In Arizona

Arizona law enforcement officers report that 43 arrests were made of illegals trying to vote in American elections Tuesday. Maricopa County Sheriff Martin Grimwaldi told Breitbart:

“We were watching and we caught a steady stream at one precinct in particular. They had stolen IDs and demanded provisional ballots. They were all allowed to cast votes (that weren’t counted) and then they were arrested for interfering with an official election. They will be deported and they and their families forever denied entry into this country indefinitely.”

What’s troubling is that Sheriff Grimwaldi estimates that arrests made up a very small portion of the actual fraud that occurred across the Southwest:

“These people were coming out in force to support a Democrat ballot referendum that gives welfare and food stamps to illegals once they manage to cross the border. The liberals think they have a ‘right to eat and be happy.’ Sure they do. In Mexico or Guadalahara or wherever they’re from.”

Election officials are trying to comb through the ballots to find anything suspicious. but they say once a vote is cast and recorded there is little that can be done to reverse it. The ballot referendum passed by a margin of .003%, or just over 2 dozen votes.

But liberals will tell you there is no such thing as voter fraud.

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