BREAKING: New Jersey’s First Muslim Mayor Vows ‘To Glorify Allah In Every Decision’


On Wednesday in New Jersey, the state in which President Trump witnessed Muslims actively celebrating the September 11 attacks on our nation, Hoboken voters made a gigantic mistake. They elected a Muslim.

Ravi Bhalla was not favored as the winner of the 6-person mayoral race but he managed to come out on top. “This is the American dream” Bhalla, who was born in Pakistan but came to the United States in his early 20s, said in his victory speech Tuesday night. “When I was a child, we used to pray for an opportunity exactly like this and now Allah has delivered.”

“The people of Hoboken have spoken, and they want me to fulfill my campaign promise of always putting Allah first,” Bhalla said when asked what his first move would be. “So I will be doing that. I will do my best to glorify Allah in every decision I made and will follow his guidance always.”

Bhalla’s agenda came under fire last month when he said he wanted to add prayer rooms for Muslims in every public school and allow classes within the Hoboken school district that teach “the fundamentals of Islam.” Critics have said that these programs as well as many others are “an attempt to usher in Sharia Law” – a charge Bhalla, who says city offices will be observing Ramadan and other Muslim holidays this year, denies.

“Allah and his great prophet Mohammad have blessed us and we will not let them down,” Bhalla said as the crowd cheered. “May Allah’s love wash over Hoboken, America, and the world!”

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