UPDATE: Obama Administration Official’s Company In Charge Of Hacked Virginia Machines


Virginia election officials just released some huge news about the changed votes in the state’s gubernatorial race. According to the numbers released Tuesday night,  Democrat Ralph Northam won with 53% of the vote to Republican Ed Gillespie’s 45%. But then reports came pouring in that, like in New York, many people’s votes were changed.

According to the Virginia Voter Fraud Council, more than 300,000 reports have come in that Republicans’ votes were changed to Ralph Northam. That’s enough to swing the election if state GOP attorney Kyle Liebowicz is successful. On Wednesday, the GOP announced that they will be filing a lawsuit demanding verification of all votes in the state.

“It’s no surprise that the company that manages all of the state’s voting machines is none other than ComCel, which is owned by former Obama White House spokesman Josh Earnest,” Liebowicz told The Blaze. “We’re going to get to the bottom of why these votes, cast on a machine owned by an Obama official, were changed.”

The lawsuit will be filed “no later than Friday” and could have devastating consequences for Democrats in New York, Virginia, and beyond if Earnest’s company is up to what they seem to be up to.

Democrats love their dirty tricks, don’t they?


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