BREAKING: Hoboken, NJ Officially Declared Sanctuary City After Muslim Elected Mayor


Ever since radical Muslim Ravi Bhalla was elected mayor, the city of Hoboken, New Jersey has been in chaos. The new city leader, who will be taking office in a matter of weeks, announced that the city government would not be celebrating Christmas this year to “show respect for other faiths.”

Bhalla, who recently pledged to “glorify Allah” in all his decisions as mayor, decided to spit in Ameirca’s face again Thursday when he announced that Hoboken would officially become a “sanctuary city” that would refuse to cooperate with President Trump’s efforts to rid the country of criminal illegal aliens who want to destroy us.

New Jerseyites are furious with their incoming mayor – so furious that a group of them is already trying to get him impeached.

Melva Turner, president of Keep Hoboken Bhalla Free, says that more than 2,500 residents have signed the group’s petition demanding that Bhalla resign “on day one” so that a new election can be held where “someone with American values can be chosen by the people.”

“There is sufficient evidence that many of the votes Mr. Bhalla received were fraudulent,” Turner said, referring to reports of illegal immigrants posing as citizens to vote for Democrats in at least three states.

“We want a full investigation and we want him gone,” Turner says.

As public sentiment turns away from Bhalla, she may get her wish.

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