BREAKING: Planned Parenthood ‘Doctor’ Has A Change Of Heart, Walks Out Mid-Abortion

'I can't do this anymore'

A now former doctor at Planned Parenthood is facing criticism from her peers and death threats from “tolerant” liberals after she grew a conscience and decided she couldn’t murder babies so their parts can be harvested and sold anymore.

Kristine Kochanski, 32, worked at the South Appaloosa Planned Parenthood clinic in Massachusetts for more than 15 years and on Wednesday, she says she “had a revelation.”

According to the Christian Times, Kochanski says she “felt like she was struck by a bolt of lightning” as she prepared to perform the procedure on a 13-year-old girl.

“God spoke to me and he told me to stop murdering innocent babies,” Kochanski told CT. “It was just so powerful. I had to stop.”

She says she walked out of what they call an operating room “immediately” and told the girl they would have to reschedule. Kochanski immediately tendered her resignation from the clinic.

God works in mysterious ways, but it’s amazing to see Him take a direct hand in saving a murderer from taking lives. She, like all of us, will still need to atone for her numerous sins, but it is wonderful to see His light touch even someone who works for the devil himself. It just shows how powerful Jesus is.

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