UPDATE: Trump Has Muslim Doctor Who Wouldn’t Save A Christian Child Deported

Dr. Fareed al Lashalala has officially worn out his welcome, according to White House OIP Director Jeff Derpinger:

“President Trump personally ordered the State Department to expel Mr. al Lashalala after his despicable inaction was excused by the 9th Circuit Court. This man stood by and watched as a 4-year-oild died in his mother’s arms, unwilling to help because ‘Allah wills him and all infidels to die.’

That may be acceptable in Kaboulastan but it is NOT acceptable here. His visa is revoked and he is being escorted to an undisclosed airport as we speak.”

The undisclosed airport is for “his protection.” That’s because they know that a million patriots would show up if they told us what airport so we could justice him real good. He did nothing. He should be put to death for that decision. Plain and simple. How is standing there any different than causing the wound the kid bled to death from?

The boy’s parents, Michael and Rhonda Fitzpatrick of South Boston, say they were asked “very politely” if they believed in Christ. Michael showed al Lashalala his crucifix. “We’re from South Boston. You’re either Irish Catholic or visiting.” The man then went into a very calm terroristic rant and let the boy die. They are seeking reparations from Kaboulastan buit have very low expectations: “They just don’t care about life like Christians do. They should all be rounded up and tossed into the ocean.”

Our sentiments exactly.

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