BREAKING: Mexican Gang Just Used Explosives Sold By Eric Holder To Kill 57 People


Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder just got some very bad news related to the “Fast and the Furious” scandal: notorious Mexican criminal group “La Cuadrilla de la Colina del Azúcar” just attacked the village of San Recto in southern Mexico, and they used weapons he sold them.

The Azúcars are notorious for their heavy involvement in human trafficking, drug running operations to southern Arizona, as well as their brutal tactics when they raid cities, but before Eric Holder and Barack Obama supplied them with weapons they were just a small group of dope peddlers struggling to survive. According to a 2012 report, Holder sold the Azúcars more than $3 million in “surplus” military weapons and explosives. The gang has since been putting them to good use, consolidating power.

Last week, residents of the small 127-person village of San Recto held a rally in support of President Donald Trump and his effort to build a wall to protect America in an effort to draw attention to their own need of a wall to protect the village from raiding parties. According to Mexican officials, the village “may have been targeted because of that rally, because the Azúcars hate Donald Trump.”

Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations Umberto Gonzalez told Sopitas that President Trump “represents an almost complete halt to their business interests in the United States” and support for him would “instantly make anyone a target.”

And they definitely became a target: on Thursday morning, the Azúcars raided San Recto, plundering supplies and burning houses. They rigged most of the buildings in town with explosives they got from the Obama administration and used Obamaguns to shoot and kill 23 women and children as well as 35 men attempting to defend their homes.

Why isn’t Congress investigating Holder’s shady deals with criminal Mexican gangs? How can we let this keep happening?

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