UPDATE: Obama Sold Those 2 Million ‘Missing’ Rounds Of Ammo To The Muslim Brotherhood

A paper trail has been uncovered by the Pentagon’s Accountability Department that connects the sale of 2 million rounds of ammunition, reported missing from the federal inventory, directly to Barack Obama. His company, Novus Ordo Seclorum INC, facilitated the exchange, according to Captain Franklin Lemar:

“The sale went from NOS directly to a group known to fund the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The ammo was trsansferred on a cargo shipm tied to the Clinton Foundation. They didn’t even bother to cover it up.”

A spokesman for NOS said that the ammo sold to the Egyptians was purchased privately on the free market. pentagon officials disagree, saying they were able to match serial numbers from the lost ammo to that of the ammo seized earlier this week by US special forces in Afghanistan.

Therein lies the problem, once again. The missing serial numbers aren’t really missing, they just don’t exist. The fact that the end-game was to get the rounds to Obama’s Muslim brothers in the Taliban makes it even more difficult to make a definitive connection.

The Pentagon says it has turned the case over to federal prosecutors who have classified it for National Security reasons. Hopefully that means they can disappear the terrorist Obama for questioning…forever.

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