BREAKING: Muslim Just Bought A 711 And Locals Are FURIOUS About The New Name


Liberals are completely sick in the head. The 711 in Wormwood, New Hampshire has been closed for a number of years and residents were thrilled when they heard someone was buying it and would reopen the store. Unfortunately, when they learned what it is called now they deeply regretted their mirth.

Rahman Muhammadan, 32, says that the purchase of the convenience store was his first business investment, but he couldn’t use the old name because he was not part of 711’s corporate chain. But he liked it. So according to the Wormwood Beacon, he kept it as similar as legally possible “by adding two.”

Yes, that’s right: 9/11. He named the store 9/11.

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” Muhammadan told the Beacon. “Those attacks were more than a decade ago. The idea that we forever can’t use some numbers because people happened to die that day is beyond belief. People die every day.”

Muhammadan says he’s been receiving death threats since the new sign was completed on Wednesday, but he assures the public the name was just a coincidence.

“I was trying to be funny, like if I bought a Dominos and renamed it “Checkers,” he says.

Liberal groups are already rallying behind Muhammadan, accusing those who oppose the store of “Islamophobia,” but residents are anything but scared. They’re furious.

“This trash needs to get out of my neighborhood,” said Mary Smith, 76, who lives just a town over.

“This is highly inappropriate,” Bob Alport told the Beacon. “They knew what they was doing when they did this.”

More than 1,000 residents (37% of the town population) have complained to the Mayor’s office, but Mayor Julian Bonaparte says there’s nothing he can do because it’s “within the guidelines of freedom of speech.”

“We can find anything distasteful, but these men are within their rights to name their store whatever they want just as you’re free not to shop there,” Bonaparte says.

This new “911” would be the first store in the town that isn’t a gas station in more than 6 years, which is why residents were so excited.

Now, many say they will forego the convenience and drive the 10 miles to Arporago rather than shop at Muhammadan’s establishment.

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