BREAKING: Muslim Man Caught Selling Fake Bacon-Dipped Bullets To Patriots Who Hate Islam


Most of you probably own at least one box of Jihawg Ammo, special bullets dipped in bacon grease that will almost definitely send Muslims to Hell where they belong.

The bullets became popular after the numerous radical Islamist terrorist attacks on our soil since 9/11 forced Americans to think more critically about self-defense.

Since the Quran forbids any part of a pig from entering the body, Muslims need to know that f****ing with America means they don’t just die: they go to hell and stay there.

Jihawg wasn’t the first ammunition to feature pork in the paint, but it stands out from the others because the owner of the company isn’t the white Christian veteran you thought he was.

Court documents from a contract dispute between Brendan Hill, the alleged “owner” and a man named Aswat Turads have sparked controversy because they reveal, among other things, that Turads is the real owner of Jihawg.

Turads is the Imam of the Hamazalla Mosque in Houston Texas. He came to the United States in 1997 under a work visa, stayed illegally, then was granted citizenship by the Obama administration.

According to Hill’s filing, Truads failed to pay him for being the “face of the company” for the final quarter of 2014. Hill also alleges that he “participated in a campaign to defraud the American people.”

“Using simple pink paint, Jihawg convinced Americans that they were buying bullets that had been infused with pigs’ blood, but it was just paint,” the court documents say.

Hill is suing Turads for $1.6 million plus court costs and interest.

There is a special place in Hell for people who profit off of lying to conservatives, and Turads belongs there.

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