BREAKING: Muslims Building Mosque Near Site Of Texas Terror Attack


Have they no shame? Muslims aren’t content with trying to change the very fabric of our nation and slowly bring Sharia Law to America, but now they are disrespecting the victims of a violent radical Islamist terrorist attack by doing what they tried to do after September 11: building a Mosque as a form of “trophy.”

Two Muslims attacked a “Draw Muhammad” event at the Curtis Caldwell Center in Garland, Texas in 2016 killing six people and injuring five others. It was a horrible and gruesome attack on the American value of free speech. Both gunmen were killed in the attack by a concealed carrier who happened to be at the event.

Now, just down the street from the Caldwell Center, Muslims plan to erect the Hamazalla Mosque, which appears to be named after Muhammad Hamazalla, one of the two attackers.

Already residents are lining up outside the Mosque’s planned location at 1765 Plaza Drive to protest the planned erection:

Residents are passing around a petition demanding that the city government stop the building of the Mosque.

If you want to help, please call the city building at 409-797-3500 and demand that they do everything in their power to stop this mosque from being built.


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