BREAKING: Congressman Accuses Barack Obama Of Sexual Assault – Mainstream Media Goes Dark

The mainstream media is refusing to report on a story about a freshman member of the House of Representatives who is accusing Barack Obama of sexual assault. Their reasoning is that the man is in prison for crimes he committed while in office, therefore his story has no credibility.

The man, former Congressman Derell Brown (D-Washington), is serving a 20-year sentence for campaign finance fraud and violation of federal election law. That, however, doesn’t simply discount the things the man knows about Obama or the details he provided that all add up to him telling the truth.

LLOD correspondent Cynthia Luwhoe sat with Brown as he explained why his crimes and his being a victim of a crime should be two different things:

“He told me that he was the dictator of the Democratic party and the one person who could end my career with a phone call. I was in office less than a week. He completely ruined me. I figured if this was going to be the way Washington DC was, I would play along. Now I’m here and nobody will listen.”

Brown says he isn’t looking for any time off of his sentence or any money. He just wanted the truth to be known. Unfortunately, because of the nature of his accusations, the fact that he’s an openly gay man doesn’t help his cause. Gay men tend to be promiscuous and spread diseases rampantly.

Still, after considering all of the facts, we believe Derell Brown.

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