BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Was Paid A $4 Million ‘Broker Fee’ For Obama’s Hostage Deal With Iran

The Obama administration’s “deal” with the terrorists of Iran to release hostages for $1.2 billion in cash has been put under a microscope after nearly a third of the money was seized by British Intelligence. Come to find out the Clinton Foundation, acting under its international charter as a “peacekeeping organization,” played moderator between the two countries.

According to our source inside the State Department, Hillary Clinton herself sat at the table and drew up the documents. The Clinton Foundation was given a $5 million dollar stipend to oversee the delivery of other goods and services to the Iranian people — such as food and medicine — but Foundation public filings show that $4 million, or 80 percent, of that money went directly to Hillary Clinton’s bank account as “payment for services.”

The Clinton Foundation is still convinced they did nothing wrong, even though the cash that was supposed to ease the suffering of an oppressed people ended up in the hands of ISIS terrorists trying to infiltrate the UK.

That’s because no matter what…if Hillary Clinton is involved things go horribly wrong, people die, and yet she always comes out the other side a little bit wealthier.

That’s your “people’s champion” folks. Maybe it’s time the people who voted for her take a good long look at what’s really been going on.

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