UPDATE: Barack Obama Dismissed From Jury Duty Because His Judgement Can’t Be Trusted


You may have heard that our former socialist wannabe dictator Barack Obama recently was summoned to jury duty on Wednesday.

Obama hoped to carry on his “everyman” facade by taking part in an opportunity to do what he does best and decide people are guilty of things, but he was shockingly dismissed from duty, Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans told Fraud News CNN.

Asked why, Evans refused to say but another juror contacted local news station ABC 67 to fill in the details:

According to the anonymous tipster, a juror who was sent home with Barack Obama, the former President’s judgment was deemed untrustworthy by both the prosecutor and the defense attorney.

“They couldn’t use him because neither of them thought he could be relied on,” the juror tells ABC 67 exclusively.

It’s completely unsurprising that the lawyers in the case would agree with most Americans that Obama’s judgement is not even remotely reliable.

When someone’s fate hangs in the balance, Barack Obama can not be trusted. Remember Benghazi?

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