Trump Will Pardon Two Turkeys This Year And Their Names Will Make Liberal Heads Explode


This year’s annual turkey pardon promises to make liberals even more furious than their default state. President Donald Trump plans to pardon not one but two turkeys with very interesting names.

“President Trump allowed his son Barron to name the turkeys,” The Hill reported Saturday. “The youngest First Son chose ‘Obama’ for the female and ‘Clinton’ for the male.”

Barron was unaware of the sexes of the turkeys at the time that he named them, the publication reports, but instead just assigned them names as he saw fit.

So far, President Trump has not made the official announcement about the turkey pardon, but once he does liberal snowflakes are going to throw a fit.

This is likely the only pardon any Obama or Clinton will receive from the Trump administration, as a probe into the shady Uranium deal those two made with Russia will almost certainly land them behind bars — once someone gets enough balls to properly investigate it.

Thanksgiving is going to be great this year, and we can all be thankful for President Trump.


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