BREAKING: Liberal ‘Fact Checker’ Snopes BUSTED Lying For Obama Again


Who fact checks the “fact checkers?” By now it is well-known that Snopes, operated by a couple of liberals who really suck at running a business, loves to skew stories in favor of liberals.

But while Snopes normally simply leaves out information that is unfavorable to their narrative, this time writer Sky Bethania went way too far in his attempt to attack Donald Trump.

The November 18 ‘fact check’ (if it can be called that) “No, Obama didn’t fund terrorism” disputed recent revelations published by Breitbart that Obama recently invested in numerous Middle Eastern businesses, some of which have verified ties to al Qaeda going back decades.

“There is no evidence that Azerbazana Oil, Sherpa Shale, or Nazeem Oil International Development have ever directly funded terrorism,” Bethania wrote in his report. “We rate this claim false like every other conspiracy surrounding President Obama.”

The problem is that Sky Bethania is a liar whose own beliefs get in the way of his ability to properly do his alleged job. In reality, all three of those businesses are owned by Iranian business mogul Sooraya Qadir, who inherited massive wealth from her husband Aamir.

The late Mr. Qadir was killed in 2014 when the U.S. special forces unleashed freedom on an ISIS compound in Hawija. He was the leader of that compound and the target of the strike.

It is irresponsible for Snopes to leave this out of their reporting because it sheds a new light on the situation – and on Obama’s alleged loyalty to the United States.

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