BREAKING: New Hampshire Town Cancels Thanksgiving To ‘Respect The Native American People’


PC culture is run amok! When the town of Wendimoor, New Hampshire (a small suburb of Manchester), elected “Bernie Sanders socialist” (according to her campaign materials) Sharma Sersei mayor, they probably didn’t count on this.

Sersei, who was elected by a three percentage point margin in a special election in February, announced on Sunday that all city Thanksgiving programs, including the parade and the annual Turkey Feast for the homeless that feeds dozens yearly, would be canceled this year because “Thanksgiving is a celebration of genocide.”

According to Sersei, it is an “affront” to Native Americans living in New Hampshire that the state continues to celebrate “Genocide Day in 2017.”

“I can’t do anything about what the country does or what the state does but I can damn sure make sure my town does not celebrate the attempted eradication of the Native American peoples,” Sersei said when announcing the decision to give the middle finger to the city’s residents. She says that soup kitchens will remain open on Thanksgiving but will be serving “normal meals” rather than the “traditional servings of this blood-soaked so-called holiday.”

Sersei recently came under fire for giving “serious consideration” to canceling city Christmas celebrations, but ultimately decided to keep them in place after massive outrage.

Liberals are sick people and this proves it. No one matters to them as long as the world exists the way they want it.

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