BREAKING: Oprah Has Some Harsh Words For Obama’s Out-Of-Control Daughter


It’s a sad day for the Obamas when they have lost Oprah Winfrey. The talk show host was once a huge supporter of the Obama family, donating millions to each of Barry’s campaigns and backing every single one of Michael’s terrible ideas but Malia Obama’s actions as of late have caused her to rethink her association with that terrible family.

“I love her father but what Malia has been doing lately is just sad,” Oprah told People Magazine during a Thanksgiving interview. “I saw that video of her blowing marijuana smoke rings in her dorm’s bathroom – you know she is getting kicked out of her dorm? – and that other one of her smoking a joint at the music festival and I wonder what her parents did wrong.”

“I love those girls, I’ve had them and their parents over for dinner, but Malia is becoming a woman I can’t be around,” Oprah added before the topic changed to what she did with her leftovers (she donated them to a church dinner for the homeless).

The Obamas are losing their allies swiftly now that they are not in power. Americans are finally realizing that they are the worst humanity has to offer — something we have known for a decade.

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