BREAKING: Church Raided By Obama In 2011 Just Won A HUGE Settlement


Barack Obama just got some very bad news. In 2011, he sent in his federal thugs to raid the Hope in Jesus Church in Huntington, Alabama for “suspected right-wing terrorist activities.”

The Obama administration determined that members of the church were using the basement of the building to “construct improvised explosive devices” they planned to use at one of his 2012 campaign events.

Unfortunately for Obama, his “intel” was way off. For starters, the three-room church doesn’t even have a basement. Or stairs. Nor did it contain anything “explosive” unless you count the congregation’s love for our God Jesus Christ.

Pastor David Errol filed a civil rights lawsuit following the raid, but it’s been hung up in court as the Justice Department under Obama kept filing motion after motion to keep the case going as long as possible.

On Monday, President Trump’s Justice Department officially settled. Under the arrangement, the U.S. will pay the church $1.7 million in damages as well as $1 million to Errol personally.

“I’m just glad it’s finally over,” Errol told the Huntington Post. He says he plans to use the money to “fix up the church,” which needs repairs to its roof that are long-overdue.

Another of Obama’s evil plans has been defeated by our favorite President! Good job, Mr. Trump!

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