Investigators Want To Know Why Obama Has Two ‘Snipers’ Listed On His Payroll

Former President and Usurper in Chief Barry Soetoro-Obama is being investigated by the local police in Alexandria, Virginia after the state’s Department of Revenue informed them that a business in their city has two men listed on the payroll as “snipers.” Novus Ordo Seclorum Inc, which is owned and operated by Obama and a handful of powerful globalists, runs their operation out of a second-floor office in Alexandria’s historic downtown area.

The company is listed as a “security firm” with more than a billion dollars in assets, much of which is military-grade hardware. Obama secured grants for himself and his cronies before leaving office and built a small army with his high-level clearance and access to GAO inventory. That makes him a private militia, which is not illegal.

A public records search shows that Obama has a Federal Firearms Identification Card, meaning he can purchase and deploy automatic weapons and explosive ordinances in foreign countries under contract from an official state agency. What doesn’t make sense is why he would have two men on his payroll who are only urban trained by a private firm as snipers for a company he’ll never send anywhere.

Obama’s company, along with a dozen just like it owned by the global elite, has one purpose: be ready when the coup happens.

The investigation in Alexandria will need to turn up something incriminating if we hope to stop whatever he has planned.


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