CONFIRMED: Obama Starting His Own Cable News Network To Compete With Fox

An investigation led by Simone LeDuke at The New York Post has uncovered a frightening development in the world of fake news. Barack Hussein Obama, former Traitor In Chief, terrorist, secret Muslim and hater of all things American has filed paperwork through a dummy corporation to start a new cable news network.

According to the FCC website’s Public Utilization Department, Novus Ordo Seclorum Inc, a company known to be owned by the Obamas and a handful of globalists, has filed for a news network broadcast license. An insider close to Michelle Obama tells LLOD correspondent Cynthia Luwhoe that the network is designed to compete directly with Fox News:

“What Obama is planning to do is tell the truth and follow the stories that Fox does, followed up with spin shows full of liberal lies. It’s classic bait and switch. Unfortunately, the law states that they have to first apply for broadcast rather than going straight to cable because of their content.

What they’ll do is use their propaganda machine to lie to common liberals, sucking them into the social justice warrior game. Their goals are to globalize the news and make it so Trump and his administration look weak and powerless.”

That sounds exactly like an Obama plan. We have confirmed the FCC filing independently. According to the paperwork, the upstart will begin production early in 2018.

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