BREAKING: Matt Lauer On 72-Hour Suicide Watch After Failed Attempt To Hang Himself

It’s been a busy week for Matt Lauer. First, the allegations came in. Then, they discovered he actually did have a button to keep his victims in the room. The straw that broke the camel’s back came when a woman produced a sex toy confirmed to have been bought with Lauer’s credit card along with a note telling her what he wanted to do with it.

Lauer was fired and that is that. There was no covering it up. There is a coverup going on, however, behind the scenes in Lauer’s private life. According to his housekeeper, Maria Rose Garcia, Lauer was taken in a private SUV to a treatment facility and placed on a 72-hour suicide watch under the assumed name “Leon Perette.”

Garcia told LLOD correspondent Cynthia Luwhoe:

“Mr Matthew tried [to] kill himself. He hang [sic] himself but the pipe it no [sic] hold. He hurt himself but he [is] okay.”

Garcia says she wasn’t supposed to tell anyone but it was too late at that point. A quick call to Fairpoint Mental Health and Rehabilitative Services confirmed that Leon Perette is a patient there who is not receiving calls or visitors.

Lauer’s publicist, who has already given his notice of resignation, says the Lauer family categorically denies any rumors that he tried to kill himself. He also added that he “doesn’t know what to believe in this town anymore.”

Leon Perette has no scheduled release date. He was checked in under the 5150 law. We’ll keep you updated.

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