BREAKING: Black People In Birmingham Caught Voting Multiple Times With Fake IDs

The FEC has announced that it may have to recommend invalidating more than 60K votes from the Birmingham area to the Alabama Secretary of State. according to police logs, poll watchers and a watchdog group from the Heritage Foundation, dozens of people were caught voting multiple times with fake IDs and fake voter registrations.

The problem came to light as one poll watcher witnessed the same two men, who were obviously twins, return to the polls wearing different hats to vote at least four times. When confronted, the two men pushed their way through the crowd and ran.

The issue became such a blatant betrayal of our electoral system that now it seems entire precincts could lose their ballots. One poll worker in Birmingham’s 412th told Breitbart:

“We were a little bit suspicious of some of the people coming in, but they had what looked like valid IDs. We checked their pictures and signatures and they seemed to match, but let’s be honest…it can be hard to tell them apart.”

She also reiterated that the reason there were no Republican poll watchers in their precinct was because they were “too afraid” to come after being told to leave their firearms at home.

The FEC getting involved is a serious matter. It also means President Trump isn’t satisfied that this election went off fairly. Early in the reporting, the Moore campaign announced they had broken every voting record ever set in Alabama, yet suddenly they lose? It doesn’t make sense.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.


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