UPDATE: Alabama Election Officials Found 5,329 More Dead Folks Who Voted For Jones


Election fraud was the defining factor surrounding Democrat Doug Jones’ surprise upset over conservative Roy Moore in the special election.

Ladies of Liberty reports that the small town of Bordalama, Alabama was beset by fraudsters who apparently posed as dead people, bringing the vote totals to 953 for Roy Moore and 5,327 for Democrat Jones. There are only 1,867 registered voters in Bordalama. In addition, Jones was caught red-handed campaigning at a polling location and authorities apprehended a “van full of illegals” that was traveling from polling place to polling place voting for Jones. Now more dead folks have been found voting for Jones, this time in Birmingham.

“State election officials have determined that more than 12,000 votes  (that’s 5,329  more than yesterday) so far in the state of Alabama are null and void because the voters don’t appear to be living,” local news station WYKY reported Wednesday. “It appears that these voters’ names were never removed from the rolls when they passed away and someone used their information to stack votes for Doug Jones.”

Already, 150,000 have signed a petition on Change.org asking the State Board of Election Integrity to investigate the very obvious instances of voter fraud that have occurred in Alabama in the last few days.

So far, no one has responded to the call for an investigation.

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