BOOM: Roy Moore Takes The Military Vote, Pulls Ahead By 5K Votes

The Alabama Secretary of State’s Division Of Electoral Balloting Integrity has begun sending emails to media outlets regarding the military vote count in the Roy Moore vs. Doug Jones Senatorial race. RWR obtained a copy of the email sent to Breitbart, confirming that Roy Moore is in the lead:

Dear Ferdinand,

In response to your question on the final count of provisional military ballots, the Secretary has instructed the Division of Electoral Balloting Integrity to inform you that with 97 percent of that vote counted, Justice Roy Moore now leads the race by 5014 votes.

Please feel free to inquire about the final 3 percent, which is fewer than 400 votes and can’t possibly change the outcome at this point.

Warmest regards,

Bethany Marie Palmaranian

What that means for the Jones campaign is that it will now be on them to ask for a recount and since the margin is more than .01573, he’ll have to pay for it himself. That could be a costly effort, estimated at nearly $213 million.

The Secretary of State’s office has already announced that the election won’t be certified until after the first of the year, so the Democrat loser will have plenty of time to decide if he’ll waste the taxpayers’ time and money with a fruitless recount.

They can never just admit when they lost.

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