BREAKING: Malia Obama Busted With ‘Seller’s Quantity’ Of Highly Dangerous Drug


Malia Obama wasn’t pretending to be Santa when Harvard campus police caught her carrying a “sack” — in this case an oversized leather Gucci handbag — full of “presents” (or drugs, if you prefer) — into her dorm room.

Officer Michael T. Bailey says that while he can not go into specifics because of privacy laws, “a student was observed carrying an overstuffed handbag into the Floris P. Melhue Dormitory on Friday night.”

“When a baggie was seen sticking out of the handbag, the desk security officer searched it and found a seller’s quantity of cocaine,” Bailey recalls, noting that the drug is “highly dangerous” on college campuses because it is popular to “cut” it with crushed-up Viagra to provide a stimulating sensation while allowing the seller to get more for his or her money. This can lead to heart attacks or even strokes and, according to Bailey, is responsible for more than 1,300 student deaths per year.

It is unclear if Obama was keeping a personal stash or not, but Bailey says that even heavy cocaine users don’t keep two pounds in their dorm rooms. “Previously, the largest amount we have found has been six ounces,” he told the Harvard Sentinel.

What’s puzzling about this is that while Obama faces discipline from the school that will probably result in her expulsion, no arrest warrant has yet surfaced. She was photographed by campus police and briefly “detained” until they could fully report the crime, but Bailey says that cops are dragging their feet.

“We reported the crime to the Cambridge police and turned in the cocaine but we haven’t heard back from them about an arrest,” Bailey says. “We don’t know what they’re doing with it, but they did track down the seller thanks to a stamp on the baggies and made an arrest.”

The seller was Daequan Jackson of Cambridge, who also faces charges of carrying a handgun without a permit and possession of narcotics.

Did Malia’s daddy bail her out? Did she cut a deal or is she paying off the cops? What exactly is happening here?

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