ELECTION UPDATE: Military And Provisional Ballot Count Complete

After the first round of counting military and provisional ballots in Alabama was scrapped for “illegible entries,” a recount that involved clarification calls to thousands of military personnel has finally been completed. The Alabama Division of Ballots and Polling is reporting to the Secretary of State that the final vote is as follows:

  • 20,571 votes for Roy Moore
  • 1,962 votes for Doug Jones.

That total brings the election well within 1 tenth of a hundredth percent of a third of all ballots cast, triggering an automatic recount.

Roy Moore has stated all along that he believes God’s will always prevails and that our national crisis of faith is calling men true to the Lord to serve. Moore’s spokesman told Fox News:

“Roy is basking in the light of Christ and looking forward to spending Christmas with his wife, daughters and granddaughters. He knows that come gavel-in on the Senate floor this January, he’ll be sitting in his rightful place to represent Alabama and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Moore has been a vocal advocate of waiting and allowing this very scenario to play out. It looks like maybe that “old dinosaur pedophile” as liberals like to call him actually knows a thing or two.

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