BREAKING: Roy Moore Will Concede The Election Monday

Reports from inside Roy Moore’s circle of trust are saying that Judge Moore has exhausted all of mhis legal options and that he will call Doug Jones Monday morning to congratulate him. Moore, who would have won the election had it not been for widespread fraud, will instead seek a job inside the Trump administration.

The source of the story, Moore’s campaign co-manager Regina Felange, has promised that this is NOT the end of Roy Moore and that he will be fighting for that Senate seat once again when it comes up in 2020.

The mainstream media has been silent on the election since it was revealed that vanfulls of illegals were caught voting alongside busloads of blacks from other states. There were also rampant reports of ID fraud in both Birmingham and Mobile.

The White House asked Moore to dip out several days ago, urging him to “save face” for the next election. His response was to respectfully decline. Now he’s glad he didn’t, as he gets to do it on his own terms in a press conference where he’ll be allowed to list the fraud for voters to hear.

Doug Jones has already said he’ll be declining Moore’s call because “sore losers don’t deserve that kind of respect.”

We’ll see about that when your seat comes up again.

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