UPDATE: Dog Fighting Ring Was Run By Democrat City Councilman, Arrest Made


As you’ve probably heard, a “massive multimillion dollar” dog fighting ring was uncovered in rural West Virginia last week. According to investigators, the corpses of more than 600 dead dogs were found buried in the backyard of a Bluefield man after a concerned neighbor called in a tip to the FBI.

According to law enforcement, James Wright, 56, made “more than 36 million dollars” hosting pitbull fights and allowing people to bet on them on his 126-acre property. Neighbors became concerned when his events became more popular and he would have “as many as 20 vehicles” parked on his property weekly.

The Bluefield Journal notes that more than $6 million “was removed from the basement of the home” and “large sums of money were found inside mattresses and couch cushions throughout the residence.”

Twelve animals were removed from a penned area of the property, and what appears to be a “crude arena-style pit” was discovered inside the barn.”

Wright has been charged with multiple counts of cruelty to animals, but so far has refused to resign his position on the city council.

It’s time for West Virginians to stand up and demand that he step down so someone with Christian values can take his place — because it is never OK to torture and kill God’s creatures.

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