How Much Do You Really Know About The Deep State Shadow Government?

There’s a lot of talk in conservative circles about the “Deep State Shadow Government,” but few real details ever arise. That isn’t because the information isn’t out there; it is. It’s because it’s all so blatantly hidden in plain sight that it seems almost surreal. If you ask the typical conservative what they know, 72 percent are certain it is an Obama-led group funded by Soros that works to undermine the current Republican government. The rest answered either “Obama’s company” or “I don’t know.”

The first answer is correct, but it’s only the frame to a picture that is far more nefarious. There is a very important timeline to understand if you’re to comprehend the power a seemingly inert group of former public officials and a Nazi sympathizer. In other words, the bad folks had a plan all along.

It all began in August of 2015 when the campaign to elect Donald Trump was gaining steam. He was so genuine and so pro-America that Obama had to have a contingency in place in case Trump won. He and George Soros formed the company “NOS Inc,” which is a registered F1 Federal Firearms Dealer certified to train and maintain a military-grade “security division.”

Basically, while he was still in office, Obama licensed a means to build an army to himself. The security division was immediately hired by the Clinton Foundation to handle security for their newly-acquired fleet of small vessels used to transport goods and humanitarian aid to war-torn and often very dangerous countries. To date, Obama’s coup machine has 320 former special forces operators, 16 military-grade armored Humvees, 5 Armored assault vehicles and numerous unmarked urban assault SUVs with special armor and pop-up gun turrets.

That doesn’t include the light weapons, such as modified MK17s and state-of-the-art stealth plastics. Obama’s guys (and girls, apparently, because you know…everything just has to be all equal all the time) are some of the best-armed and well-trained in the world, recruited from tier one teams across the globe.

The existence of NOS Inc is an indicator that Obama is probably poised to surround a city if necessary. The name itself stands for “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” or New Order of the World. For something so dark it threatens our very way of life, its records are sitting on file at the Cook County Courthouse in Chicago, plain as day.

What isn’t public record, since the company is privately held, is who sits on its board, if anybody. NOS isn’t just a “security” company, it is a political consulting firm hired by every single one of the political action committees supporting Democrats and about a dozen supporting RINOs on their way out like John McCain, Paul Ryan and Mitch McTurtle.

Let that sink in for a moment. The money “institutional” candidates on both sides of the aisle depend on comes from a globalist company looking to end our civilization and turn us all into one big, Kumbaya-singing planet of hippie freaks. Sure, the world should eat, but I should be able to eat steak if I can afford it. Everyone might deserve health care for some reason, but how often do you take your kids to the doctor anyway? Why you gotta pay all those thousands for something you don’t use?

The Deep State Shadow Government IS NOS Inc. At some point, it will make its move to seize power from Trump. They have already rooted out half a dozen Deep State operatives in high-ranking, non-appointed positions in departments from Housing and Urban Development all the way to State and Defense. This is no joke. If the Democrats succeed, we’ll watch our society turn into a place where people get paid too much for their burger-flipping and the economy takes a nose-dive because of how much Obama added to the debt.

Unfortunately, until we know more about their movements here in the United States, there won’t be much we can do about it.

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