BREAKING: FBI Identifies Muslim Terrorist Who Derailed Amtrak Train


The Amtrak tragedy over the weekend was, as we all predicted, no accident — and according to the FBI, the terrorist was from the “religion of peace.”

Muhammad Christopher Blair, 53, was born in rural Ohio to a Christian woman and a Muslim man she fell in love with who ultimately abandoned his family — but his religion and his hatred of America lived on through Blair, who was apparently “activated” over the weekend when he placed a gold Sacajawea dollar on the tracks above an overpass in Washington state in order to derail the train.

Traditionally, a penny would be used (that’s what you see in old cartoons, right?) but the United Railway Administration began requiring changes in trains that would prevent coins at the time from causing damage when kids decided they wanted to play a prank. The gold dollar, however, is thicker than any currency at the time and is capable to causing a train to derail according to Harvard physics professor, Dr. James Wright.

The derailment killed three people and injured countless others. While liberals are blaming the disaster on alleged cuts President Trump made to our infrastructure (as he champions his infrastructure plan), the truth is that Blair was responsible.

FBI agents raided his home in Delaware where they found bomb making materials as well as a “cache of weapons” and instructions on making improvised explosive devices. It is unclear why he was in Washington, but agents speculate that he thought he would get away and planned further attacks around the country.


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