BREAKING: Muslim Leader Caught Faking Major ‘Hate Crime’


Liberals went crazy earlier this year when “GO HOME MUSLIMS” with the word “TRUMP” below it  was painted on the side of the Hamazalla Mosque in Bourbon, Texas. To the folks at MSNBC this was proof that conservatives hate Muslims. Liberals at large celebrated this hateful display as an example of why they are better than us.

Unfortunately, there was a bit of a problem…

On Monday, the Bourbon County Sheriff’s Department released some rather shocking findings about this horrible act of vandalism — the message was actually painted by Imam Hara Kiri-Anal. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because it was on every single fundraising effort connected to the vandalism.

To date, Mr. Anal has collected more than $300,000 to “fix the mosque” and “fight the hate” but the reality is, according to Sheriff Gus Tupper, that the Imam not only wrote the message but started the fire that accompanied it.

“A handwriting analysis confirmed that the Imam of the mosque painted the message on the side of the building and numerous tools used to start fires were found in his garage,” Tupper says.

Anal was arrested Sunday night along with “one accomplice” in the fake hate crime and faces up to a year in prison for arson and vandalism. Despite all this, members of the mosque are rallying behind him, calling the prosecution of these crimes “an attack on the Muslim faith and an assault on Allah’s values.”

Once again, the “hate” comes from the Left and it’s all a part of one big show intended to attack conservatives.

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