UPDATE: Roy Moore Wins Alabama Senate Seat – Doug Jones Refuses To Concede

The Alabama Division of Elections has informed the Secretary of State via email that Roy Moore has defeated Doug Jones in Alabama by 214 votes. The email, intercepted by Press Unlimited, will be released either later today or tomorrow by the AP, Reuters, Fox and Breitbart. CNN says it has no leads on the story.

According to Moe Hanson, the final vote count was 60,219 for Moore and 60,005 for Jones. That total now includes all provisional and military ballots. Even though Moore is the clear winner, however, Jones says he won’t concede the race:

“At this point, with such a small difference in votes, we’ll wait for the automatic recount and make our decision then.”

What Jones is saying is that he’s a sore loser and that the will of the voters means nothing to him. You lost, Doug. Call the new Senator from Alabama and congratulate him.

Moore says he doesn’t expect a phone call from Jones:

“We knew all along he was a thin-skinned coward who would refuse to abide by the will of God and the voters. No matter. His time is over.”

The Alabama Secretary of State says she will certify the election as soon as the state opens for business on January 3rd.

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