REPORT: Soros, Obama, Clinton Have Filed Papers With The United Nations

The trifecta of evil, George Soros, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, have filed papers with the United Nations to be recognized as a “sovereign global entity engaging in efforts for world peace.” In other words, right under our noses and without the need for any kind of a vote, the self-proclaimed globalists of the New World Order have organized a position of power now recognized by more than 300 countries.

The entity, Novus Ordo Seclorum, will also include “other former world leaders” who have resources and influence to help “move the world towards harmony.” These globalists want to destroy everything American by bringing about “change” that will end the need for money and provide a better life for “our planet and everything on it.”

They tried that once. Called it the Soviet Union. A bunch of old men got rich and 20 million people died. It was worse than Hitler. You can’t just go telling people who live in mud huts on some river in the Congo that they’re on an equal playing field with an American businessman who employs 40 people. Three percent growth might as well be a negative, after all.

According to experts, the organization has no real power until it gets a voice on the security council. So far, nobody has sponsored them. So far. We’ll keep this story updated with new developments.

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