Mike Pence: We Will See Prayer Restored In Our Schools In 2018

Vice-President Mike Pence is a man of God. As such, he’s worked his entire political career to make sure that our Lord is fairly represented in government. He’s a guardian at the gates for separation of church and state, making sure that context is added to fairly depict Yahweh as the true founder of this Judaeo-Christian nation.

Pence, whose role as Vice-President to Trump leaves him plenty of time while the cameras are otherwise occupied, will be rolling out legislation with the Freedom Caucus to restore school prayer. His daughter, Maxine, who will lead the fight from her seat on Indiana’s legislature, told Soldier of Fortune:

“We want our children to be able to pray if they choose to pray. Muslim children are allowed to leave class like 14 times a day to pray but Christian kids are supposed to just sit without being able to bask in our Lord and Saviou Jesus Christ’s glory. It’s wrong. We will make sure it changes.”

Pence’s office has released a small brochure that outlines the plan:

  • Students wishing to pray can gather together before school, on their own time between classes and after school.
  • Teachers and administrators are welcome to participate but not lead.
  • Students will be able to say “Merry Christmas.”
  • Schools will teach the origins of Christianity.
  • Muslim students will have to provide their own halal food.
  • Prayer can be encouraged by teachers as an extra-curricular activity.

As you can see, the plan covers more than just school prayer. It’s a return to American values. American tradition. American people. Thank you, Mike Pence, for making our schools the best in the world again.

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