UPDATE: Ted Nugent’s Widow Will Donate His Heart To Save A Little Girl

Janice Nugent says she won’t let her husband’s death at the hands of a New Years Eve drunk driver be in vain. The newly widowed mother of five has learned that Ted’s heart is a perfect match for a 13-year-old girl in Yuma with a congenital heart defect. The girl, who sits at number four on the National Heart Transplant list, will get the heart from Nugent because the first three weren’t a match.

Ted Nugent was pronounced dead on arrival this morning at Mercy General hospital just outside Minneapolis. He had been at a friend’s house jamming for a private party when he decided to get home to kiss Janice when the ball dropped. He was run off the road on his way into a snow bank. The impact killed him instantly.

Nugent leaves behind his wife, 5 kids, 3 guitars and a host of hunting dogs. His lodge in upstate Montana will become a refuge for over-hunted animals, paid for by a trust set up by Nugent in the event of his untimely death.

With his generous donation of his land and his estate and now his own heart, Nugent rides to heaven with a legacy to match the likes of Dale Earnhardt or that Australian guy who was killed by the stingray. Truly a geat humanitarian.

The girl is expected to live a full and happy life as long as her body doesn’t reject the drugs Nugent stored in his fat cells in the 70s.

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