Trump Just Told Mitt Romney To F*ck Off Right To His Face

Mitt Romney and his entourage decided to show up at the White House this morning to give President Trump a lecture on how things will be when Mitt is Senate Majority Leader. Romney, who is expected to replace the retiring Orrin Hatch, thinks his name alone will get him the top spot in the Capitol’s smaller chamber.

President Trump, whose secretary told us was NOT expecting Romney, let the Romney party of petulance sit in the Mural Room until just after 10 AM Eastern, when he opened the door, looked at Romney and said:

“Yeah. Mitt. You can just f*ck off. Don’t come back without an appointment.”

Romney was then told that the President didn’t have any openings available until late January of 2025. He was then ushered out of the building with his tail between his legs.

Whoever told these old-school politicians that they still have power in Trump’s America is doing them a grave injustice. They need to fall in line with the rest of us while Trump brings us back to the Constitutional Republic this country was meant to be. Mitt Romney may as well head out to pasture now, because whoever Trump endorses to run against him in the primaries will be sitting in that seat next January.

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