UPDATE: Ivanka Trump’s Condition Downgraded to Critical

Ivanka Trump, who was originally listed in stable condition at Bethesda, is now listed as critical. Doctor Harvey Basheer told Fox News:

“We can’t even officially say she’s here, but it won’t be a secret for long. Ivanka Trump was brought in with a single gunshot wound to the left shoulder. On further axamination, shrapnel from the shot shattered her clavicle, leaving the possibility for sharp shards of bone to pierce the heart, which is almost always fatal. We have Ms. Trump in surgery now to remove the bone fragmwent we can see, but the next 24 hours will be crucial.”

Fox has removed the ticker reporting for this incident as the hospital pulled the plug. We’ve been told by AP and Reuters that confirmation on this story is currently being held up by the White House OIP for national security purposes.

What we have pieced together is that Ivanka Trump was wounded earlier at a party in Washington; the apparent victim of a sniper on a rooftop nearly 700 yards away. That sniper is in custody after a very perceptive young beat cop watched the muzzle flash happen in real time and had the building surrounded when the shooter came down.

The White House has no plans to discuss or confirm this matter sooner than tomorrow morning, if at all.

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