BREAKING: Four Illegals Accuse Joe Arpaio Of Sexual Assault

Four young men who spent years in Joe Arpaio’s outdoor work camps in Arizona are about to come forward with an outlandish story nobody in their right mind would believe. These four men are alleging that Joe Arpaio is secretly gay and that he molested them while they were in custody.

Jose Mendez, Julio Garces, Jesus Salazar and Guillermo Lopez, all of whom are in this country illegally and awaiting deportation under Trump’s new laws, are trying to pull a fast one to stay in the country by smearing Joe Arpaio’s good name. They all have a similar story about a campout with the Sheriff and two of his deputies one night a month for nearly three years.

According to the story:

“Sheriff Joe would take the same four young men for “reward” outings once a month. These young men, all known homosexuals, were being rewarded for their good behavior and for keeping their tent neat and clean. They were taken for a night in the desert for open-pit barbeque and two beers each. They were also allowed to watch a movie on a small tablet and given an extra two hours to sleep in the morning.

That was the official story. What really happened was Joe Arpaio and his deputies molested those four men all night long, fullfilling their secret gay fantasies and threatening to ‘slice their throats and drop them off in Mexico’ if they said a word.”

That supposedly happened more than 5-years-ago, but none of them ever said anything. Not even after they got out of jail. Why not pack up and move to another border state and tell your story? These people are nothing but liars trying to keep their residency status while ruining the career of future Senator Arpaio.

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