BREAKING: Gowdy Breaks His Silence On His Alleged ‘Sexual Assault’ In 2009

Trey Gowdy’s office is about to release a statement regarding the allegations that he drugged and assaulted a young intern in 2009. Sanford Batt, the man accusing Gowdy, says he was “given a drink” by Gowdy before he “woke up naked in the bushes outside Gowdy’s DC Apartment.”

The statement, which was leaked to us by a Gowdy insider, says every6thing we need to know:

“Congressman Gowdy categorically denies that he was ever in any kind of situation that could have resulted in gay sex. The Congressman is a devout Southern Baptist married man and has never chosen homosexuality in his life.

Sanford Batt is a liar and an operative for the Democrat party who are trying to derail the Congressman’s clean and respectable exit from Congress with lies that will hurt his future prospects in the Justice Depatment.

Congressman Gowdy won’t be doing interviews or discussing this matter further, as there is not one ounce of truth involved.”

Trey Gowdy is a good man. He’s treating this nonsense like a satire story written by liberals because that’s basically what it is. If you ignore the bullies and trolls, eventually they go away, right? In this case they thought they’d take Gowdy’s career with them. They couldn’t be more wronger.

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