UPDATE: Democrats In A Tailspin After Robert Mueller’s Confirmed Suicide

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have called an emergency meeting of the Democrat caucus to discuss strategy moving forward after the suicide of FBI Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. Mueller, whose entire investigation fell apart when the Nunes memo was released, couldn’t handle the pressure of the impending criminal investigation against him was announced earlier this evening.

We asked Nancy Pelosi’s office for a quote. Sandra Batt, a spokeswoman for Pelosi and the mother of two dead American heroes, said Pelosi didn’t have much to say:

“Congresswoman Pelosi says she refuses to coimment on what amounts to complete and total boloney.”

That’s a pretty rude response, considering the circumstances. President Trump has already announced an end to the witch hunt, leaving congressional Democrats with no choice but to defend their support for Hillary Clinton, who should be going to prison soon enough.

Still think that Nunes memo is a “nothing burger,” Dems?

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