BREAKING: Malia Obama Just Declared War On Rosa Parks’ Granddaughter Over Pro-Trump Remarks

She picked the WRONG fight!

Rosa Parks’ granddaughter angered liberals on Sunday when she spoke at an event in celebration of her grandmother’s birthday.

Referencing blacks in the NFL kneeling during the National Anthem, Muriel Fairbanks-Gouldman said it makes her “sad” to see her “people disrespecting the freedom [Rosa Parks] fought for by kneeling in protest of our flag and anthem to make political points that could be better made in other ways.”

“I can guarantee you that if the National Anthem would have begun playing she would have stood up in the back of that bus with her hand over her heart because she loved her country that much,” she said, adding that NFL players “protesting” in a manner that disrespects our flag are “setting a bad example for our race.”

The Gateway Pundit reports that  habitual drug user and drunk Malia Obama decided she couldn’t keep her bratty little mouth shut after hearing this, so she took to Instagram and posted:

Rosa Parks’ granddaughter is an idiot if she thinks we’re wrong to protest. Historically, the things that make society uncomfortable are the most effective. I used to not be able to sit at a lunch counter without a bunch of crackers acting like I just set off a bomb.

If you ask me, this lady can go f*ck herself. Who’s with me?

As it turns out, not many were with her because of her racial slur.

“How dare you use a slur against whites,” one commenter, who is black, posted. How would you like it if they called you a n****r?”

“DELETE THIS POST,” another replied.

“This coming from the daughter of a President?” another asked.

Eventually, Obama deleted the post.

This sort of thing is shameful, but it confirms what we all knew: the Obama’s are all racists.

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