BREAKING: Scumbag Paul Ryan’s Christian Conservative Primary Challenger Now Ahead In Polls


Until recently, Paul Nehlen wasn’t a household name. Nehlen is challenging Paul Ryan, and he sounds like exactly what any true American patriot would want. Nehlen promises to fight for a wall to protect us from the barbarian hordes outside our borders, deport illegal aliens, finally recognize the Muslim Brotherhood for what they are, and protect precious little babies in the womb:

Recently Nehlen, who was previously polling at 14% against Ryan because the current disgrace of a Congressman is spending enough money to feed two third-world countries on advertising and promotion as well as using his current office to promote himself, came under fire from liberals for naming people who had been threatening him and something beautiful happened.

The above is Nehlen’s message for the haters and losers who have been attacking him simply because he mentioned that a large number of his attackers are Jewish (he listed all his attackers regardless of their religion or heritage). After the initial tweet, liberals began calling him an “anti-Semite” in an effort to discredit him that was funded by dark money stemming from George Soros. Suddenly, Nehlen’s name — and his message that we as Americans cannot tolerate another term of Paul Ryan — was everywhere.

The Deep State was hoping to crush Nehlen, but his popularity instead began rising as Americans learned more about him.

According to a Rasmussen poll, Nehlen has jumped from 14% in November (the last time he was included on a poll) to a staggering 53% above Ryan as of February 11 at 11:35 a.m. CST. So far, Paul has not spent more than $35,000 on his campaign (that money was mostly spent on pillowcases embroidered, “You’ll sleep well with Nehlen,” which he distributed at a speech on the ongoing immigrant invasion).

At this point, it is clear that Paul Nehlen is the man to beat Paul Ryan. Before we know it, if we all support him, he’ll be polling at 60%, then 70%, then he will ultimately replace the POS who currently occupies the office.

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