Democrat Rep Kills Himself On Facebook Live To Prove ‘Guns Kill’

Democrat Congressman LeQuan Matthews of Illinois took to Facebook Live just moments ago and shot himself in the temple with a .38 revolver. Before his death, Matthews stated that he was about to prove that guns do, in fact, kill people.

First, without a gun, Matthews pulls an imaginary trigger and shrugs. “See,” he said, “Nothing happens.” That was when he held the gun to his head and said, “friends, family…America…I’m doing this for you.” and pulled the trigger.

The video went live on Facebook:

**UPDATE*** Because of the raw and gory nature of the viseo, Facebook has removed the post. LeQuan Matthews’ family has asked for privacy.

The medical examiner declared Matthews dead on the spot and used “suicide by gun” as the cause of death. The investigating officer was clear when he told us that the gun definitely did NOT pull its own trigger and that Matthews’ message was “confusing to say the least.”

Black Lives Matters has declared Matthews a hero and is planning on taking to the streets to “protest.” They must be out of milk and diapers. Police are ready with their riot gear in cities all across America.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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